Can I access legal CBD in Queensland?

CBD oil is a plant-based treatment that may be an option for a range of health concerns, where other conventional medications have been unsuccessful or cause intolerable side effects.

CBD oil has been legal in Queensland and across Australia since 2016. Regulatory changes effective in 2021 now mean patients can now legally access CBD oil prescriptions, when appropriate, from health providers such as CA Connect.

What conditions can CBD be approved for?

For people suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety or insomnia, CBD oil may be a plant-based adjunct treatment to help reduce symptoms – specifically when other conventional treatments have been unsuccessful.

CBD (cannabidiol) has many therapeutic actions that could potentially benefit other medical conditions. For TGA approval, some clinical or preclinical evidence is necessary to support the use of CBD in addressing your medical condition or reducing symptoms.

How to access CBD oil in QLD?

Accessing legal and prescribed CBD oil in Queensland has been streamlined by CA Connect. 


To make the process simple for people, CA Connect provides an online prescription service with virtual consults, as well as personal follow-up phone calls to ensure patients get a high quality of care and support from the convenience of their own homes.

Can I access CBD oil in Queensland?

Accessing CBD oil from a medical practitioner in Queensland requires patients to meet some eligibility criteria, which is assessed in your initial virtual consult. Even though research and reports on the benefits of CBD oil and medical cannabis are increasing rapidly, understanding of cannabinoid therapies is still in its youth. We encourage you to speak with your regular GP for advice about your unique circumstances before making any decisions around treatment plans.

For complex health conditions that may require different formulations of medical cannabis or higher doses of CBD oil, CA Connect provides patients with direct access to CA Clinics – who provide comprehensive care for medical cannabis patients who may also require the guidance of a specialist. CA Clinics offers a number of specialisations such as DVA health, pain, rehabilitation and oncology.

Why CA Connect?

CA Connect is a team of dedicated doctors, pharmacists and nurse practitioners catering to Queensland patients eligible for CBD therapy. Our team of experienced medical practitioners will assess your medical history and work with you to evaluate if CBD oil is an appropriate treatment for you.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol

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