Can you buy CBD oil over the counter?

Can you buy CBD oil over the counter?

In Australia you can now legally buy CBD oil over the counter thanks to a recent schedule change. However, the product cannot yet be stocked by pharmacies. This is because for the products to be stocked they need to be registered by registered via the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Whilst low dose CBD can’t be accessed through pharmacies in person. CBD oil access in Australia is possible legally through registering with CA Connect.

For low dose CBD oil products to be registered via the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) they need to go through clinical trials to prove the efficacy and safety of CBD for certain conditions at doses of <150mg/day. 

Currently, trials are underway, but no low-dose CBD products are yet registered.

The research will dictate what conditions low-dose CBD is accessible for. Generally, low dose CBD will be offered for relief from mild to moderate symptoms potentially in instances including sleep disturbances, anxiety or short term pain relief.

If you have a complicated chronic condition, and may therefore need medicinal cannabis that includes THC or doses of CBD higher than 150mg per day, it is best to speak with medical professionals who can manage your condition using cannabinoid therapies at CA Clinics.

S3, S4, S8 –  what is the difference in medicinal cannabis scheduling? 

Medicines, drugs and poisons are scheduled under the Australian Poisons Standard. Each schedule defines how medicines or drugs are available to the public, and the schedules relevant to CBD and medical cannabis include S3, S4 and S8.

These three classifications are defined as:

  • Schedule 3 – Pharmacist only
  • Schedule 4 – Prescription only
  • Schedule 8 – Controlled drug

CBD was recently reclassified from an S4 to an S3. 

  • Low dose CBD: Products with CBD as at least 98% of the total cannabinoid content (with less than 1% THC), a maximum daily dose of 150 mg CBD and registered on the ARTG are classified as Schedule 3 medicines.
  • CBD only: Products that contain CBD only (at least 98% of total cannabinoid content) are Schedule 4 medicines. 
  • All other medicinal cannabis: All other medicinal cannabis products are classified as Schedule 8 due to their need for regular monitoring, risks of harm or addiction. 

Medical cannabis access in Australia

Medical cannabis has been legal in Australia since late 2016. As there are so few registered medicinal cannabinoid products in Australia, access to medical cannabis is facilitated via the Authorised Prescriber or Special Access Scheme pathways.

Until its recent rescheduling to S3, CBD was classified with all other cannabis compounds, including the intoxicating THC. Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating and has proven to have a great safety profile according to the WHO and assessments made by the Therapeutic Goods Administration..

Buying CBD oil online in Australia 

After the CBD scheduling change, individuals flooded pharmacies with questions about accessing low-dose CBD oil. CA Connect will allow people with mild-moderate symptoms to access legal and quality tested CBD oil through our online pharmacy.

Our friendly team of nurses and pharmacists assess patients on an individual basis and provide prescription-only CBD for eligible individuals.

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