Medical Marijuana Australia – Cost Benefit Analysis

Does The Benefit Outweigh The Medical Marijuana Cost?

The medicinal cannabis sector has seen abundant growth in several of its branches. From a marked expansion in CBD oil education and clinical research to monumental growth in patient numbers and overall nationwide and international market revenue, medicinal marijuana has well and truly entered the mainstream.

In this article, we will go over the recent trends found in the cannabidiol market and evaluate whether or not the benefits of CBD treatments outweigh the costs.

Overview of costs and industry trends for medical marijuana in Australia

According to a comprehensive report in H2 2021 by FreshLeaf Analytics, experts in Australia’s medicinal cannabis market, 2021 saw 70,000 active patients who ‘filled a prescription or consulted with a doctor about medicinal cannabis in the past six months.’ FreshLeaf has predicted that, by the end of the financial year, the number of nationwide active patients in the legal medical marijuana market will rise to over 100,000.

Concurrent with this rise in patient interest, medical marijuana legal product sales surpassed early estimates by stretching to A$230M in 2021. In 2022, market revenue is forecasted to reach A$423M. This exponential feat coincides with the TGA’s decision to “down-schedule” low-dose CBD products from S4 (prescription only) to S3 (over-the-counter) back in February, 2021. This decision catapulted the public discussion about medical marijuana in Australia onto the front pages, even though as of early 2022, there are no products yet available for over-the-counter sale in Aussie pharmacies.

Another factor behind the expansion of the CBD sector is the fact that the average monthly spend for patients of medical marijuanas has continued to follow a slow downward trend, reaching its lowest level since FreshLeaf reporting began in 2017. The average medical marijuana cost was on average $278 per month, as of H2 2021.

Cost of CA Connect’s CBD products

Medicinal marijuanas can be used to treat a wide range of ailments. Consequently, treatment durations vary depending on the specific needs of a patient.

CA Connect offers three major options, tailored to your personal requirements. All treatment options include a free phone consultation with a healthcare professional after your detailed virtual consult – to ensure that your eligibility is assessed and an appropriate treatment is provided.

Treatment option 1: $119

15+ days of medication based on trial dosing guide, tailored towards individuals who do not wish to commit to a full month’s worth of medication.

Treatment option 2: $199

30 days of medication based on trial dosing guide, tailored towards individuals who are aiming for optimal benefits or are familiar with CBD but haven’t used it in a while.

Treatment option 3: $359

30 days of medication based on maximum daily dose, tailored towards individuals who have up-titrated to the maximum daily dose and are satisfied with using low-dose CBD. Please note, treatment option 3 can only be accessed after a dosage cycle has been completed via treatment plan 1 or 2.

All treatment plans offered by CA Clinics include:
  • Free virtual consultation
  • 15-30 days of medication based on your prescribed dose
  • Customised CA Connect care plan
  • Follow-up calls from our professionals
  • Express shipping
  • Ongoing support via patient portal

What do clinical trials say about CBD oil?

A broad range of anecdotal reports and scientific studies have supported the argument that CBD can be a suitable adjunct therapy or even alternative to treating a variety of mental and physical disorders where modern conventional drugs have failed, and without notable side effects.

A recent trial reported CBD significantly lessened chronic pain and the need for opioid medications. This is due to CBD’s ability to influence the endocannabinoid system, reducing pain signals and inflammation that leads to pain.

CBD has also been found to promote signals in the nervous system and up-regulates endocannabinoids that help us to relax and initiate sleep. Additionally, by modulating the stress reactivity as well as chemical signals in the brain such as anandamide, serotonin, and dopamine, CBD has the potential to help reduce anxiety.

Is the CBD Oil or medical marijuana cost outweighed by the benefits?

With the cost of living going up in Australia, people do not have time for expensive, unnecessary purchases. That is why CA Connect strives to provide an accessible service for people suffering from ailments associated with CBD treatment.

CA Connect remains one of the more affordable options for high quality pharmaceutical-grade CBD – with a monthly cost of $199; a full $79 below what many other patients may be paying, based on the national monthly average of $278 reported by FreshLeaf.

Given FreshLeaf’s analysis that the average patient cost is steadily decreasing, in addition to the fact that cannabidiol is finally being acknowledged by the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme), starting with a CBD medicine called Epidyolex for treating seizures assocated with Dravet Syndrome, it is likely that patients will be paying less for CBD treatments in the future.

So, if any of the aforementioned issues have been taking a toll on your health, if you’ve found conventional medicines to be ineffective, and if you’ve been curious about trying CBD oil otherwise known as medicinal marijuana, CA Connect may be an option for you to assess your eligibility.

Accessing legal medicinal marijuana in Australia

CA Connect provides legal access to pharmaceutical-grade CBD that has been tested for quality and contaminants. We provide comprehensive care and all inclusive follow-ups to support you to receive effective CBD oil treatment with a good safety profile.

Our treatment options are provided under the guidance of a pharmacist and healthcare team via simple online and phone consultations. To see if you are eligible for CBD oil, start here or find out more about our CBD treatment plans here.

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